Being a landlord in the UK attaches you to several legal obligations. A landlord must comply with government-imposed guidelines when dealing with tenants, especially when it comes to short-term residential leases.

In recent years it has become more common for a non-professional person to become a residential landlord. Legal requirements which are attached to that title often catch people by surprise. The most significant legal landlord duty is to maintain the property. Any structural damage, along with any utility issue, is normally the legal responsibility of the landlord. Legal professionals may be consulted by landlords to ensure full compliance with the regulations.

In commercial leases the landlord’s legal obligations are much less strict. In accordance with the English law principle of allowing parties the freedom to enter into any contract they choose, the legal obligations of commercial landlords depend largely on the applicable lease. Because commercial leases are made between two commercial entities, the courts have made a conscious decision to minimise the protections offered to the tenants. However, there are still some legal obligations which demand the attention of the commercial landlord. These vary depending on the property and the bargaining positions of the tenant and the landlord.

If you are currently in a dispute with your landlord or tenant, your first step should be to check your lease agreement and see if it specifies what each party’s responsibilities are in relation to the point in dispute. Once you have found the lease and established what the relevant section is, you should also find a property solicitor to consult. Whether or not you are considering bringing the claim to court, having a better understanding of your legal position is likely to help you resolve your dispute.

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