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IT Law Specialist Solicitors

We have a network of specialist IT solicitors located throughout the UK that can advise you on any technology related legal matters including intellectual property, service level agreements, reseller agreements, domain issues, e-commerce and e-business. Our IT solicitors have specialist knowledge of the computer hardware, software, internet and telecoms industries and can represent you in relation to drafting agreements or resolving disputes.

By using Caven you save yourself time searching for a solicitor and know that you are obtaining high quality and good value legal advice.

Free Service

There is no charge to you for using the Caven service. Our telephone advisors have excellent knowledge of the legal process and can recommend the best course of action and ensure you talk quickly to the right solicitor for your needs.

Top quality solicitors

By using our service we will get a specialist solicitor to call you meaning you get the expert advice you need quickly and easily. Our solicitors can assist you with legal issues in any area of law in any part of the country. All Caven firms also have a service level guarantee and many have Law Society accreditations in their area of expertise.

Over 4,000 solicitors nationwide now accessible through Caven

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"I'm very happy with your service and will recommend you to my friends" EH, small business owner

"Many thanks for every thing you have done listening, researching and being so helpful"Michelle, London

"I was thrilled with the excellent service you provided, from start to finish"
Mrs SL, SW London

"Having accepted referrals for several months through Caven, I have been most impressed by the quality of their leads and their professional client-friendly approach."
A.E., Manchester Solicitors

"There was a good balance between finding the right solicitor and finding them quickly, through Caven. I could actually access and talk to a solicitor directly, rather than through a secretary"Mr. Stephenson, Coventry

"Caven's solicitors were fantastic and won me the compensation I was hoping for following my accident"

"A truly exceptional service. Most pleasant, helpful, extremely efficient and highly informed. I was immediately put in touch with excellent solicitors and took great strides in solving two important matters within 24 hours." MK, Hampshire