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Act of negligence

Negligence is a legal theory which is usually used to attain compensation for injuries. Also known as a civil wrong, the concept of negligence can be used in common as well as criminal law. An act of negligence differs from a reckless act in that an individual may be attempting to exercise as much care as they can, however, they may still not reach the level of care expected. A negligent act can more-easily be defined as an act done by a person, falling below the level of care a reasonable person would have taken to protect the other individual from harm.

Negligence will take place in situations where there is a duty owed by one person to another. This duty of care may arise in relationships between employers and employees or manufacturers and consumers to name two. For a successful negligence claim it is important for the claimant to prove that there was a duty owed to them by the defendant, that there was a breach of that duty and that there was some damage caused to the claimant due to this breach of duty.

Often whether there has actually been a breach of duty will be the major point of argument between the defendant’s and claimant’s lawyers. This should be resolved by looking at the facts but within a frame of set legal rules. Children may also be held liable for an act of negligence which will be judged by the reasonable standard of care expected of a child of the defendant’s age.

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