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Accidents resulting in a fatality

We all know that accidents happen, however we can never comprehend that a loved one could become tragically involved in an accident, or worse yet, that we could lose a loved one in a fatality accident. Unfortunately, accidents do occur, whether on the road, at work, on holiday, or in public, and deaths do result from accidents, and inevitably some of our and our family’s lives will be affected by a fatality accident. If you have recently lost a loved one, the last thing you want to think about is legal and financial issues. However, financial compensation may be able to assist your family in dealing with the changed circumstances you now face.

Just as with any claim for compensation made by a living person, a claim can only be brought if it can be shown that someone else was responsible, either in part or in whole, for their death. Most compensation claims are made for accidents resulting from negligence. The law says that certain categories of people have a duty of care towards other people to avoid injury to them or their property. A person is negligent if they breach this duty by failing to exercise ordinary care to avoid injury to other persons or their property. The death must have been caused by this failure to take care.

There are different types of compensation that can be claimed. The estate of the deceased can claim compensation for the pain and suffering experienced by the deceased prior to their death.

Dependants of the deceased may be able to claim for financial losses they have suffered and financial expenses they have incurred because of the death. The dependant must be able to prove that they have suffered financial loss. This can include funeral expenses and other expenses incurred because of the death. It may also include the loss of earnings of the deceased that you previously relied upon, and the loss of services previously provided by the deceased, such as childcare and housework services. 

Additionally, the spouse or parent of a deceased person may be able to claim for 'bereavement damages'.

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