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A health and safety accident and the help of a solicitor

Health and safety accidents can occur at work, at school, or any place open to the public. The managers in charge of these areas have a duty to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that the public, workforce, or children do not come to physical harm whilst on the premises. Health and safety regulations must be followed at all times. A breach of health and safety can, in a worst case scenario, lead to serious injury or death.

If an accident does occur as a result of a breach of the health and safety regulations, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has the authority to conduct investigations and issue fines.

However, a solicitor can also be instructed by an individual who has been injured in a health and safety accident. A solicitor will be able to bring an accident compensation claim, or personal-injury claim, in the civil courts. The court will consider the long-term effects of any health and safety accident, including the loss of future earnings and the cost of health care. The court may also consider awarding damages on the basis of pain and suffering caused by the accident. It is compulsory for an employer to have insurance for both employees and visitors in case a health and safety accident occurs on the premises, which then requires compensation.

A solicitor in this area will be an expert in health and safety regulations and in bringing an accident compensation claim before the courts. If you have been involved in a health and safety accident and suffered an injury, it is highly advisable to seek professional legal advice to determine if you are entitled to injury compensation.

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